Tuneups & Clean-ups
Having too many crashes on the computer? Then your computer probably needs a cleanup. We can efficiently perform cleanup on your computer, and to ensure that no data is lost, we also backup the data for you. If your computer is going too slow, we can also perform a series of System tune-ups to make sure that your computer is rid of legacy software components, so to get the most out of your computer's speed.
Data Recovery
We can offer a highly reliable data recovery service at a competitive price. Our chance of a successful data recovery is 98%. We are highly experienced in dealing with any loss of data. We will be able to offer you more details regarding data recovery during the callout.
Free Consulting
We can offer advices on buying a computer, to suit whatever budget and needs. Also, though partner relation with suppliers around Coimbatore, we can custom build the computer to enable you to get the computer to exactly suit your needs.
Anti-virus Support
Computer infections by virus are growing increasely with the popularity of the internet, and the ease in which virus can spread. Installing an Anti-virus program will help in securing your PC so that you will suffer less downtime, and avoid losing important documents.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) and email configuration and setup.

An increasing important uses of a PC is the ability to go on the internet. Natty Solution can advise you on the numerous packages available, and when the decision is made, install and configure everything for you. We can also install software firewall on customer's request to protect your computer against attacks on your computer via the internet
Networking Design & Support
We can offer advice in small network design, wireless LAN, router, cabling and network troubleshooting. We will also be able to custom design, implement and install a network to suit your needs. Just let us know the specification of your network, or discuss with us what you want your network to do for you.
Softwares we provide
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Vista
  • Microsoft XP Pro
  • Microsoft XP Home
  • Microsoft Office
  • Peachtree Accounting
  • Quicken
  • Nero 8
  • Roxio Easy Media Creator
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements